Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Eight questions with Harry Pane

1. Who is Harry Pane? (a short introduction)

Harry Pane is a Singer-Songwriter now based in East London.  Generally enjoying gigging and appreciating music.

2. When was the EP recorded and where? If there is an interesting story behind how you and any producers & session players met and started playing together, please do share.

It was recorded in April at Studio Barxeta in Valencia, with an awesome producer Dani Castelar.  I raised funds by crowdfunding with Pledge Music and then approached Dani to see if he ever worked with unsigned artists, luckily he said yes.

3. We detect a very distinctive and even prevalent Blues sound in your music, yet some modern indie and pop motifs are present as well. How do you find the balance between the two?

It’s just general love for various genres of music & having many influences.  

4. How did you come across the God’s Own Junkyard venue, and the Brackley Fire Station venue? These spaces are exactly the kind that Tigmus is trying to breathe life into, and help fill with music. Will you be planning gigs in more alternative locations, and forests/caves/castles or others you’d love to see host some music?

The story with Gods Own Junkyard is the fact that they have been kind enough to allow me to host there first ever gig there since I’m now local to Walthamstow, there’s a real community spirit here. Brackley is my hometown and the Old Firestation has just had a reverb and we thought it’d be a great place to host a gig.  To answer your other question, I would love to find other interesting venues to perform and maybe host music nights. 

5. Who is your audience and how do you connect with your fans? Any crazy, fun, exciting stories are very welcome.

It’s hard to say exactly, it can range from teenagers to grandparents, it’s just down to personal preference.  I once had someone send a photo to me with my lyrics tattooed on their back!

6. You have recently been through a successful Pledgemusic-funded campaign. Could you describe your experience of working on this type of a project? Is this something you are interested in doing in the future and what would you recommend about it, to other artists?

It took a while, we began setting it up last summer.  It was fairly nerve-wracking to await the conclusion.  It’s a great way to discover new music and for unsigned artists to spread their music and make their music debt free.  I wouldn’t say I wanted to do it this way repeatedly, as much as my fans seem to have enjoyed being part of it, I wouldn’t want to ask any more of them.  

7. Are you planning to experiment with a bigger band sound, an electric sound, an orchestral sound, any time soon? We love the stripped Harry Pane approach and we’re curious to know how that’ll grow or what aspects you’re expecting to keep as they are. 

I always love working with other musicians & would love to get a project set up in the near future, I can sense some of my new music getting slightly heavier in places.  I also love performing with pianists and cellists so therefore an orchestral accompaniment in my live performances would be my idea of heaven.

8. What does your dream gig look like?

My dream gig would be anywhere with great acoustics, where people are comfortable and enjoying themselves.

Harry plays a sold-out show tomorrow night at God's Own Junkyard. He also has another pair of concert in 6 weeks' time, at the Old Fire Station in Brackley (already sold out) and the Sebright Arms in London (some tickets remain via Tigmus and via a Time Out competition - see if you can get your hands on them!). Subscribe to this blog for more interviews with our favourite Tigmus artists. Grab his EP using thiiTunes pre-order link -! And sign up to the mailing list here for playlists & gig announcements.

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