Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Eight questions with Dazy Crown

(c) Oli Steadman

1. Who is Dazy Crown, and where did the name come from? (a short introduction)

Dazy Crown is myself (Thomas Little), Theo Lewis, Thomas Rees, James Darley, and Philip Jones. Philly boy is off to Portland this year, so we’ve enlisted the breezy beautiful Mr. Darley to fill in for him. He’ll provide some fresh new flavours. The ‘name story’ is really lame if I’m gonna be honest. When I was starting the project I just wanted something that sounded like our music if that makes any sense? Y’know, when you hear ‘Suicide Silence’ you kinda know what you’re getting yourself into. I wanted that kind of vibe for the name - so I just came up with a bunch, and this one sounded the coolest.

2. When did you form, and what have the highlights been for the band since then?

Tom, Phil and I got together last September to play a show a few months after I released the first tune. I didn’t really expect it all to form into band, just because I didn’t really expect people to like it as much as they seem to -- but they did! So we got Theo in as well on drums, and played our first show together for our university’s battle of the bands competition. That was definitely one of the highlights so far, just because it was kind of our first time playing to a room with a bunch of our friends watching. And we won, which was sweet. The travelling has been fun as well; when we played our first couple shows outside of Norwich in London and at The Alternative Escape in Brighton. Some of us had never even been to Brighton before, so it was cool being able to see new places while sharing our music in them.

3. When was the new double A side ‘Move’/’Common Scents’ recorded and where? If there is an interesting story behind how you and any producers & session players met and started playing together, please do share.

Well, before Dazy Crown, I used to have gigs at this nifty little bar called Gonzos Tea Room in Norwich. I recognized the guy doing sound there as one of the members of this band I really digged called Box Of Light, so I had a chat with him at the end of one of the shows. Later down the line he mentioned that he some did lo-fi recordings for bands, and I was tired of trying to do it all myself - so I shot him a message! I’ve only ever recorded music in my room and on my laptop, so it was cool to head somewhere else and have a fresh pair of hands work on it. Especially because he recorded to tape. That was real cool.

4. Who is your audience and how do you connect with your fans? Any crazy, fun, exciting stories are very welcome

Not really sure who our audience is… family and friends? People in Norwich? The odd person from halfway across the world who likes our tunes? We’re all over Facebook and Twitter and all that, so if anyone’s down to connect, we can provide. Nothing too crazy about our audiences - just always really cool positive vibes and people having a good time.

5. How have you found the experience of booking a string of dates through Tigmus? Have you been to the three venues before?

Yeah it’s been good! Really nice working with people who like your music and want to help you out. It’s been nice and easy as well. We’ve never been to any of them, no! I’ve never even been to Oxford - so that will be cool.

6. How do you prepare for a show - and a tour? Any pre-show warm-ups you can’t play without?!

This is our first tour, so I’ll let you know in a few weeks! A few times before a show we’ve all got together in a huddle and sang ‘Ticket To Ride’ by The Beatles as loud as we could. That’s always a fun one. For some reason that tune is always stuck in my head, so it’s nice to have three other guys scream it in my face before a show. Get’s me nice and amped.

7. What does your dream gig look like? Any bands you’d love to play alongside?

Oh man… well anyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of Mac DeMarco, so playing alongside him would be wicked. Him and his band are all really nice and chill, so it’d be cool to spend a night with them just jamming some tunes on stage. I’m sure some whacky night would come afterwards too.

8. What does the rest of the year (and perhaps looking forward to 2017) hold for you guys?

We’re not that sure yet! We’re planning to release our first EP in March of next year, and a couple more tunes along the way. Lots of shows in Norwich, maybe a few in other places - maybe some house parties? Those are always fun. If you really wanna keep up to date just follow us on Facebook and Twitter waheeey!

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