Monday, 29 August 2016

Eight questions with Kevin Pearce

1. Who is Kevin Pearce? (a short introduction )

Kevin Pearce is a songwriter, producer and performer from Colchester in sunny Essex. I have self released three albums to date, but have just been signed for my 4th record 'So 'On'.

2. When was your upcoming album ‘So On’ recorded, and where? If there is an interesting story behind how you and any producers and session players met and started playing together, please do share!

'So On' was written and recorded over the last 12 months and produced by myself in my studio. It's the thing I'm most proud of to date and within the recording of it, I was able to draft in many musical friends (Double Bass by Eddie Myer of Turin Brakes, Synthesizers by I Monster to name a few )

3. We’re loving the new live video of atmospheric track ‘Jump’, what’s the story behind that one?

'Jump' is basically about recklessness, something I have been quite a lot of my life and also something we are seeing in current modern politics (Brexit, Trump etc). 

It creates hysteria and whips people up into a frenzy, with no end goal in site except to create a reaction and disrupt things, or for people to profit from in one way or another. 

So the song is playing with that idea between the personal and political ends of the spectrum.

4. Who is your audience and how do you connect with your fans? Any crazy, fun, exciting stories are very welcome.

My audience is any one who appreciates what i'm doing ;)

In all seriousness though, I have a very loyal, cult following who have stuck by me. I've even received gifts off some - orange wool for my microphone (which you can still see at gigs to this day) and a vegan cupcake are some of the highlights !

5. You’re playing some support slots for us with JINNWOO, Khamsina and homeplanetearth over September, have you seen any of them live before?

I've not seen them live before but I have had a listen online and all three acts have a good vibe. Looking forward to hearing and meeting them at the shows.

6. Will you be playing solo or with your band for these shows? How do you feel this alters your performance?

These will be solo shows. Solo shows tend to be in smaller venues where I feel I can almost be with the audience and its much easier to gauge a reaction on how a performance is going. With my band we tend to get in a zone and its only an hour or so after playing I can tell how it went.

7. What does your dream gig look like? Are there any artists you’ve love to support, or perhaps to collaborate with on a performance?

The Albert Hall would be my dream show. With a forest for a stage. Not sure the venue would be up for it but still...... In terms of a dream collaboration, i'd have to say Bjork.

8. What does the rest of the year hold for you, and looking towards 2017?

The rest of 2016 will see me play a ton of shows up and down the UK and a couple of single releases ahead of a very hectic looking 2017 with a 3rd single and then the release of the new album 'So On' around May.

Kevin Pearce supports at a few shows in September... JINNWOO in Brighton on 11th and Norwich on 25th, Khamsina in Oxford on 18th and homeplanetearth in Southampton on 26th. He's also heading back to Brighton to headline on 30th October. All tickets and info here!

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