Thursday, 27 October 2016

Eight questions with Hazey Jane

Photo from Hazey Jane Facebook
1. Who are Hazey Jane? (a short introduction)

We're a folk quartet from London, keeping it real staying safe.

2. How long have you been making music as Hazey Jane and what have the highlights been so far as a band?

Bobby (Vocals) and Laurent (Guitar) met when they were very short. The duo started writing together at Secondary School, rendezvousing with Paul (Drums) and Connor (Bass) some years later. Enjoying the vastness of London's folk circuit has thrown up a few highlights. Playing at beautiful old venues like The Borderline and rising the ranks to play our first headline show at The Barfly last year. It's all good stuff.

3. Your ‘Us On A Wire’ EP was released last month, how has the response been so far? When was it recorded, and where? It there is an interesting story behind how you and any producers and session players met and started playing together, please do share!

It's been going down a treat thanks. We recorded at Urchin Studios in London Fields. June. 2016. Our current front of house engineer Sander Van Laere set the whole malarke up; we met at an open mic in Camden two years ago. His former teacher, Marcel Van Limbeek mixed and mastered the tracks at his studio in Netil House. This guy toured with Tori Amos for twenty years and mixed every album she's released. Ever. Even the musical. They're genius men and we're very lucky to work with them.

4. You used Indiegogo to crowd fund for the launch of the EP, smashing your aim with 131% raised… how did having that level of support from your fans and friends feel?

Stunning. We have incredible people in our corner and cannot thank everyone enough for donating their sweet sweet $$$. Funding this kind of project from the bottom up is hard work but so rewarding. In an industry where chance A+R meetings are biting the dust, these campaigns can be the best way for unsigned bands to release professional material. We're very fortunate to have been able to do so.

5. Following on the EP theme, you also played an EP launch show, how was that?! We can’t wait for this Surya gig you’re playing for us!

Next level. We hosted at The Bedford in Balham, lovely old venue with a gorrrrgeous candle lit circular auditorium. Our pals Jake Morrell, Vannessa Forero and Horatio James played phenomenal sets beforehand. Cracker of an evening. SAME, it's gonna be a beauty! Looking forward to seeing Temper Cartel strut their stuff.

6. Who is your audience and how do you connect with your fans? Any crazy, fun, exciting stories are very welcome.

Our Dads still come to every show. We like to make sure they enjoy themselves.

7. What would your dream gig look like? Are there any artists you’d love to play alongside, or cities you’d love to visit? Perhaps European shows?

There's nothing legal about our dream gig, perhaps another time. Cor blimey, yeh for sure Kings of Convenience, Thomas Dybdahl, Alexi Murdoch … there are plenty. We'd love to spend time touring around Northern and Central Europe. Really getting into Switzerland at the moment. Could definitely get us some Bern or Zurich.

8. What does the rest of the year hold for you, and looking towards 2017?

We're setting up a couple of residencies in Dalston and Stoke Newington over Christmas. Otherwise we're hunkering down and mapping out our 2017 UK tour, can't wait!

Hazey Jane play a show at Surya for us on 28th October (not long to go!) with Temper Cartel, tickets available here.

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