Friday, 6 January 2017

Eight questions with Rews

1. First up, happy new year to you both! We’re intrigued - what were your best Christmas presents this year… or the worst?

Best- Collette went to Madrid for a few days, that was a great present, quality time and sight seeing! Shauna got a skull desk tidy and got to spend time with her mum, sisters and 6 screaming (and lovely) nieces and nephews!

2. Who are REWS? (a short introduction)

REWS are a high energy female rock duo. We aim to make people dance and throw away the shackles of every day mundane life!

3. How long have you been making music together, and what have the highlights been so far?

We've been a band for just over a year and a half now. Highlights so far have to be playing Glastonbury last year, getting some major support from the likes of Huw Stephens, and building an awesome team who we love, and lastly, developing our sound!

4. You’re touring the UK in Feb/March, including a date for us in Oxford at Fusion Arts. Do you need sightseeing tips for the city?

We've both been to visit Oxford before but it's always lovely to get some other peoples ideas of where to go! We both love food and having fun so if there's any ridiculous places to visit that involve both...we're there!!

5. How are you preparing for the tour as it draws closer?

Well, we are refining some of our new songs in order to feature them in our live set. We're also starting our year in regards to fitness after the Christmas food mountain, haha!! It's important to have a healthy body and mind ahead of something as gruelling as a tour. (Writing this whilst drinking cocktails and eating a mound of nachos and burgers haha!!)

6. Who is your audience and how do you connect with your fans? Any crazy, fun, exciting stories are very welcome.

Our fans are anyone who engages with our music and finds a connection. We encourage them to shake their bums and dance like no-ones watching!!We connect with our fans by showing our true colours on stage so people find they can approach us at gigs. A lot of our connection is through social media, we love a tweet or a shout out! Crazy stories...there's been a few, more suitably shared over a pint haha!

7. What would your dream gig look like? Are there any artists you’d love to play alongside or cities you haven’t visited yet as a band? Looks like you’re taking in a lot of places on the upcoming tour!

There are looooads of gigs we would love to play, especially International festivals like Coachella, Eurosonic and Benacassim to name a few. We would love to support Nothing but thieves, lower than Atlantis, Korn or Bring me the Horizon! We would love to visit Japan and Australia!

8. What does 2017 hold for you?

Same thing we do every year Tigmus.... try to take over the wooooorrrllld!! Haha that aside... our first album release, more farts in a tent during festival season, build On our awesome team, and keep having fun!!!

REWS play Oxford's Fusion Arts on 11th February, support to be announced. Tickets with no booking fees here!

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