Sunday, 1 January 2017

Tig Digs: Catgod 'Ready When You Are'

Happy new year from Tigmus, folks! One of our last gigs of 2016 was a superb record launch for Catgod (the recently renamed Roberto y Amigos, fronted by Neverlnd bassist Robin) at Oxford's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre, with support from Theo (tunes on Soundcloud) and one of our local faves, Sylva Kay

(c) Megan Seekings
Filling the room up with family, friends and fans, Catgod debuted their brilliant new record Ready When You Are, with the performance featuring guest vocalists Morgan Dawe, Esme Garlake and Cat Marriott. The new record makes for some sweet listening to kick off the new year, our favourites include Home in Your Heart and title track Ready When You Are

There are more photos from the night by one of our favourite local photographers Cristina Camilla Px here on Facebook! If you like what you're hearing and missed the album launch - you're in luck as Catgod are performing at an Independent Venue Week show at The Cellar in Oxford on 28th Jan alongside Hudson Scott, who I once saw supporting Foals, and local band Coldredlight, tickets here for what should be a great night! 

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